Start transformation Hogekwartier
The area around the Hogeweg in Amersfoort, the Hogekwartier, will completely change in the coming years. On either side of this city lane to the centre houses, a swimming pool and sports facilities will be build. At the same time a connection between the adjacent neighborhoods of Liendert and Schuilenburg will be made, by building a fly-over named the Buurtas. The masterplan for this transformation is made by KCAP.

Meanwhile, phase 1 - the renewal of Hogeweg and the construction of the Buurtas - started. In the movie - in the link below this article - it is shown what the transformation in the years ahead will look like. For this purpose, each quarter of an hour a new picture is taken of the building activities, resulting ultimately in a film of the complete redevelopment process.

JSA has made the design for the first building to be realized. Commissioned by De Alliantie the closed building block contains 90 houses, a hostel for drug addicts and commercial space. Below the block a parking garage is built, with on top a green courtyard.

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