Commission for 2 primary schools!
JSA and architect Theo Kupers, supported by visualization agency A2STUDIO, have been selected for the design of two elementary schools in Duivendrecht. In a procurement procedure which seven parties participated, the vision of JSA/Kupers/A2 was selected as best.

Since mid-2012, the architects Theo Kupers and Jeroen Schipper intensified their cooperation. They are convinced that the combination of their portfolios constitutes an added value in today's changing market. Jeroen Schipper has an oeuvre with an emphasis on housing. The work of Theo Kupers has remarkably focused on educational buildings. Their first joint pitch for an educational building in Duivendrecht was immediately successful.

The commission concerns the design and development of two new combined primary schools, in a building of 3,200 m2 in the Zonnehof area in the center of Duivendrecht. In the beginning of October 2012 the design process will start, with an estimated start of the construction in a year. Ultimately, the new school will be delivered in autumn 2014.

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