New villas in Park 16Hoven
JSA was asked by ABB Project development for the design of three different villa types, on the Buys Ballot Avenue in Park 16Hoven. This area - between the center of Rotterdam and the airport Zestienhoven - will be developed in the coming years for housing. With this development the city aims on an attractive and green urban living environment, immediately north of the center of the city.

The Buys Ballot Avenue is described in the urban plan as the most elegant avenue of 16Hoven Park, with large mainly detached and some semi detached houses on big lots. JSA will design two different villas and one semi detached villa type. Depending on the sale of the different houses, the villas will be developed further.

In the same urban plan JSA is building an apartment building with twelve apartments and fourteen dwellings on the Van der Duijn van Maasdam road. Expected delivery autumn 2012.

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