Definitive Design Hogeweg Block 1
JSA has recently completed the final design for block 1 at the Hogeweg in Amersfoort. Commissioned by de Alliantie JSA is working within the urban plan Hogekwartier on the first building block, that consists of 90 houses, a hostel and divers commercial spaces, all positioned on a sunken parking garage, containing a green courtyard.

The existing Hogeweg is a suburban road, crossing the green post-war neighborhoods of Liendert and Schuilenburg. In the new master plan by KCAP the Hogeweg will transform in an urban avenue on either side flanked by closed building blocks. On the most eastern side of the development a disconnected crossing with the Hogeweg will be realized - the Buurtas - connecting the adjoining neighborhoods better in the near future. Block 1 is located at the intersection of the Buurtas and the Hogeweg, and together with block 2 it will form the future entrance to the center of Amersfoort

The design expresses the typology of the new urban plan, with its closed building blocks, but also relates to the post war architecture in the immediate surroundings, with its light colors and white concrete details.