Houses Nieuw Crooswijk delivered
The single family houses in block 2, which is part of the first phase of Nieuw Crooswijk, have been completed and also partly occupied. The houses were designed by different architects, resulting in a varied block façade. By removing the fences and by finishing the front gardens, hedges, pavement and trees in the sidewalk the block suddenly becomes part of the city.

The typology of the houses is special, because of the built car park at ground level, above which the courtyard is made. The gardens and the living are thus on the first floor, while on the ground floor there is room for a kitchen or a study on the street. The large bay window in the front façade of the houses designed by JSA literarily shows the plan of the house behind.

In total  63 apartments and houses of JSA will be realized in the first phase of New Crooswijk.

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