corner block Nieuw Crooswijk
Recently, the corner block of JSA at the Boezemlaan, as part of the first phase of Nieuw Crooswijk, has come out of its scaffolding. Thus this striking residential building is prominently visible for the first time.

The all sided developed building is constructed with masonry horizontal bands, laid in ocher coloured and nuanced German brickwork. On each floor, these bands are alternated with folded white strips, composed of white framed bay windows, deep laid windows and white stucco surfaces. Along with the natural stone plinth and the downtrodden and all sided facades this results in a pronounced and expressive urban building block.

In the 9 storey tall corner block 23 apartments will be realized. In total 63 apartments and houses of JSA will be realized in the first phase of Nieuw Crooswijk.

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