Contract drawings Bospolder
JSA has recently finished the contract drawings for the realization of 108 houses in the Bospolder district in Rotterdam. Together with Claus en Kaan architects and commissioned by the client Com.wonen, a plan is being developed with 226 houses in total, situated on a collective semi-underground car park. The building blocks consist of several strips which are organized aligned in a laminated structure and separated by inner gardens.

JSA has designed four row blocks and two end blocks. The blocks vary in height from 3 to 6 floors and get lower where the plan meets the existing surroundings. The blocks are provided with abundant balconies, terraces and loggias.

In the manifestation and materialisation of the building blocks, a representation has been sought that fits in both with 19th century Rotterdam brick architecture and with Mediterranean architecture.

visuals: A2studio

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