Start construction Bovenbeek
Last week the construction has started of our twelve apartments in Park Zestienhoven in Rotterdam. The festive act was performed by alderman Hamit Karakus, by laying the first foundation beam.

The five-storey apartment building is located on the Van der Duijn van Maasdamweg, the main access road to the new district, while the back side is facing open water. The design makes the most of this double-sided quality. The front of the building has a dignified and relatively closed fa├žade, while the back of the building is entirely open, with an informal character and large patios oriented toward the water and the sunlight.

The apartments are part of the development of the area between Zestienhoven airport and the centre of Rotterdam. The urban plan is designed by dS+V,  Rotterdam’s planning and housing authority.In addition to the apartment building JSA also designed fourteen  ground-level homes on the Van der Duijn van Maasdamweg, grouped into sets of two and four semi-detached houses. The sale of these houses was launched on December the 10th, 2010.

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