Sale kickoff Nieuw Crooswijk
Last Saturday, April 10, sale has started of the houses in the Wandeloord-area in Nieuw Crooswijk, Rotterdam. The first phase consists of 45 apartments, divided over 3 buildings, and 19 single-family houses. 

One apartment building and nine single-family houses are designed by JSA. The duplex-apartments on ground floor level of the apartment building are connected directly to the street. The lower level can be used multifunctionally. The living quarters are situated on the first floor.

The single-family houses in the Catharina van Zoelenstraat will have front gardens, orientated southwest. The street appears green and spacious. In the side street, the privacy of the single-family houses is guaranteed by the increased floor level in the interior. A special house is the corner dwelling, which has a double orientation. By moving the bay window to the long fa├žade and adding some extra windows, the house is very light. Besides that, the ground floor counts two rooms instead of the standard one room.

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