Extension Dental Practice delivered
In March, the extension of the Periodontical Practice in Utrecht has been delivered.

Right before the delivery the partition between the new part and the existing part has been demolished, opening up the axis running from one end of the building to the other, 36 meters away. All other spaces are connected to this main axis.

The lower floor of the extension is positioned half below ground level, and is cast in profiled concrete. A void connects the lower floor with the upper floor, which is actually the entrance level. The profiled concrete forms one of the walls of the void, reaching from the basement to the roof of the building, linking both levels spatially. A monumental staircase provides the functional connection.
Maple, white plastering and translucent glazing complete the interior.

On the upper floor, a bench seat is designed and in the multifunctional space downstairs a cupboard and a ceiling-element, covered with Maple veneer, have been placed. The furniture elements have an acoustic function. Soon the dental furniture will be installed in the treatment rooms, and then the extension is ready to be put into service.

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