Realisation garden Kharkov
In Ukraine, two gardens designed by JSA in cooperation with Climmy Schneider have been realised until now. A third garden is still under construction. The gardens complete the villa designs of Ukranian architect Oleg Drozdov.

The second garden in the series belongs to the house of the Shentseva family, which is built on quite a steep slope. To bridge this difference in height, and to be able to use the garden in a functional way, four large terraces are constructed, each one meter lower than the other. Stairs, executed as separate steps in the grass, connect the terraces.

The terraces are cladded with limestone. Each terrace is provided with a specific function, for instance a flower bed or a barbecue spot.

On the side of the house, a smaller, private and more formal garden is created. Spread over the garden, Japenes flowering cherry trees are planted to connect with the surrounding forest.

photos: Andrey Avdeenko

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