Conversion dyke house Zwolle
JSA has recently finished the preliminary design for the conversion of a traditional dyke house in Zwolle. The house is situated on one of the most beautiful locations of Zwolle, with stunning views over the river (het Zwarte Water) and a lake, called ‘Stadskolk’.

The client wants to enlarge the living surface by incorporating the barn on the back of the house. In the interior of the dyke house the floorplan is optimized within the existing structure. An additional volume is connecting the dyke house with the former barn. The new entrance is situated in this added volume.

The spatial concept can be seen as a design with ‘rooms’ connected by their overlapping corners. This leads on the one hand to intimacy – the room as a more or less defined space – and on the other hand to overview and spatial quality – the diagonal connection facilitates long sightlines and views.