Nomination NEPROM-award 2009
The development of the Westerdok Island in Amsterdam is nominated for the NEPROM-award 2009. This award is handed out to location development projects which are realized by a collaboration of the public sector and the market sector. The aim of the award is to stimulate high-quality spatial development.

On the Westerdok Island, a former shunting yard nearby Amsterdam Central Station, a new part of the city with high-density housing has been realized. The participants in the project are the Municipality of Amsterdam and, among others: Kondor Wessels, Nijhuis Bouw, De Dageraad and OMA Amsterdam. The parties mentioned above were all included in the development of the middle block on the Westerdok Island, also known as the ‘VOC-cour’. JSA has designed 4 of the 14 buildings of the VOC-cour.

Besides the Westerdok Island, four other projects are nominated voor the NEPROM-award 2009: Mosae Forum in Maastricht, De Markt in Hardenberg, De Dobbelman in Nijmegen and Pieter Vreedeplein in Tilburg.

The jury not only considers the collaboration between public sector and market sector; also the architectural and urban quality of the project is taken into account. The winner of the NEPROM-award 2009 will be announced on May, 14.

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