Youth Housing finished
In Scheveningen, just behind the circus theater and in between the Haringstraat and the Stevinstraat, 31 youth apartments and 4 single family houses have been delivered.

For this reason a narrow court was introduced in the centre of the 19th century building block, to disconnect the youth housing. With this typology the design explicitly refers to the classical urban spaces in The Hague, with its linear court shapes. At the same time this intervention makes it possible to orientate the youth apartments on their own outside space, instead of the Haringstraat.

The court is materialized with printed glazed panels, to make a clear connection with the contemporary youth culture. For this reason Stout/Kramer, the graphic design office, designed a pattern that was printed with silver tone on the glass panels.

Apart from the youth housing 4 single family houses have been designed in the Haringstraat, fitting like a chameleon in the red brickwork architecture of the street.

The project will be opened on the 11th of December by Duwo.

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