Nomination Casa Nova
With VAN-UIT-HOF-NAAR-ZEE JSA is nominated for the Casa Nova idea competition. The competition is organized by Stadsgewest Haaglanden and is focused on making innovative urban and building concepts.

The competition is located at the northern part of De Uithof, in The Hague. Densification of the existing area with residences of high quality and integration of new functions around the existing junction of public transport is requested. In the concept of VAN-UIT-HOF-NAAR-ZEE the area is an important green link of the route to sea. The area also functions as a city-border-zone for a regional offer of sports and leisure.

Monday the 24th of November the award ceremony will be held in Madurodam. VAN-UIT-HOF-NAAR-ZEE is also in the running for the Public Prize. Give your vote on the site of Casa Nova.

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