JSA designs villa in Saudi Arabia
JSA, along with Cimka and HofmanDujardin, has been invited by Hollandia il B’ia to design three types of villas for the first large-scale luxury housing development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The development site, to the northwest of the city, is 185 hectares in size, and the objective is to create a high-quality living environment with houses, offices, hotels and shops. The 460 planned villas will surround a wadi, a centrally located green space.

Three villas have been designed, varying in size between 750 and 1.500 m2. JSA’s design for a 760 m2 villa takes explicit account of local circumstances, particularly the need for privacy and shelter from the sun. Through large overhanging roofs and walled outdoor areas, the villa shapes its own ideal living environment.

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