Extension dental practice Utrecht
JSA is working on the design for an extension of the Paropraktijk Utrecht, The interior of this dental practice was already completely reorganized and reconstructed by JSA in the period of 2003-2005. The new extension will facilitate not only extra space for the existing practice, but also a separate practice for dental implants.

The existing building is a one-storey volume between two higher gallery entrance flats. To maintain the pavilion-like character, the extension is placed under the extended canopy roof, on the front side of the existing practice. Because of the limited amount of space available, the program had to be divided over two floors. The height of the canopy roof is fixed, so the choice was made to create a basement and a ground floor layer. To get daylight in the basement and to keep daylight in the existing treatment rooms, a patio will be created between the old and the new volume.