Progression 'Westerdok' (II)
Now that the scaffolding is being removed, the brick facades of ‘block 10’ on the Westerdoks Island become visible. The back facade on the inner courtyard looks monolith, not only because of the large closed surfaces, but also because of the ‘brickwork’-balconies sticking out, hiding the window frames when viewed from ground level. On the contrary, the side facades are much more transparent, with almost 9m-wide window frames.

The delivery of the different buildings on the Westerdoks Island is phased; the first residents will move to their new apartments very soon. The buildings designed by JSA will be finished shortly after. In blocks 9 and 10 the interior finishing is almost completed. Concerning blocks 1 and 2, the builder has reached the highest point of the concrete construction. The delivery of blocks 1 and 2 is planned in autumn 2008, as final piece of the project.

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