Essay Stijnie Lohof for RPB
In the two-monthly periodical ‘Debating Space’ of the Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research (RPB) Stijnie Lohof has published an essay in the 5th issue titled ‘Privaat beheerde woondomeinen en de veranderdende verhouding tussen publiek en privaat.’

Stijnie Lohof describes that with the upcoming popularity of privatized collective spaces there has to be found a new balance between public and private. Not only the public interests, like accessibility, has to be reconsidered but also the interests of individual inhabitants.

In the development stage the market and the public authorities lay the foundation of the final appearance of the private managed collective space while not taking into account the wishes of candidate inhabitants. Stijnie Lohof defines this as the essential problem of designing collective space.

She pleads that inhabitants should get control over furnishing and managing their own residential environment. The responsibilities have to be carefully transmitted from public authorities to private parties. The urban design and the legal management than create the conditions to manage private public space.

With a contribution of Kersten Nabielek (RPB), Willem Buunk (Nirov), Christine de Ruijter (AWG) and David Hamers (RPB).

to PDF Ruimte in debat 2007/05